One would think that the decline in purchasing power, inflation and economic difficulties have slowed the demand for cashew in Europe. This is not the case. In the 1st quarter of 2022, imports of cashew kernels in Europe and the United Kingdom increased by 6.7% compared to the 1st quarter of 2021 to reach 42,353 tonnes, according to figures communicated by the specialist n'kalô. The United Kingdom recorded a significant increase with a volume up 30.2% to 4,875 tonnes. However, note n'kalô, "we must however remain cautious because the deliveries of this period correspond mainly to contracts signed at the end of 2021".

Côte d'Ivoire confirms its second place as supplier to the European market with a 55% increase in its exports to 2,940 tonnes, but far behind Vietnam, which totals 32,996 tonnes, an increase of 6%. To a lesser extent, Burkina Faso but also Nigeria are asserting themselves on the European market with a respective increase in their cashew kernel exports of 30% and 55%.